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VAVA Dash Cam


Designed for Simplicity, Built for the Road

  • Swivels 360-Degrees
  • Auto-record + remote capture 
  • Captures footage even when car is off
  • Dedicated mobile app

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Meet the VAVA Dash Cam

"The VAVA Dash Cam mobile app offers unprecedented connectivity between camera and phone, no wires needed."

 - Andrew Hard

Designed for simplicity, built for the road

We designed the VAVA Dash Cam to make the experience of always knowing what's happening on the road as simple and intuitive as possible. Based on feedback and conversations with hundreds of drivers, we created an experience that was useful on a daily basis, with features we knew would add immediate value for our drivers. 

Join us in building your VAVA Dash Cam

Crystal Clear Captures

1080p HD resolution and an advanced optic system designed to capture what's ahead (including license plates) even in low-light settings


Pair the VAVA Dash Cam with a handy remote, designed to capture snapshots or videos of occurrences on the road


Remote for Instant Snapshots

Place the VAVA Dash Cam anywhere on your dashboard to capture the views you're most interested in. The VAVA Dash Cam works at any angle to make sure you're always capturing what matters most to you.


Place Anywhere in Your Car

 Using the VAVA Dash Cam's dedicated WiFi channel and app, transfer your pictures and recordings quickly and securely to your smart phone


VAVA Dash Cam App for Transferring, Sharing and More 

Pair with VAVA Dash Cam's proprietary charger to keep the Dash cam going -- even when your car is parked. No hotwiring or additional wiring needed. 


Works Even When Your Car is Off


The VAVA Way

The Wrong Way

Rotates 360-degrees

The VAVA Dash Cam swivels 360-degrees so you can capture any angle you want, any time

Stays stationary

Most dash cams face outwards -- but what happens when you want to capture something INSIDE your car?

Records even when your car is off

Pair with VAVA's proprietary power bank to automatically switch the VAVA Dash Cam on when unexpected activity happens so you're always in the know.

Only works when car is on

Most dash cams require your car to be on to work -- but what happens when your car is parked?

Capture shots with just a click

Use the remote control to quickly capture any snapshots you want (like that setting sun against the horizon)

Generic captures

Most dash cams only capture footage of unexpected activity -- but what happens when YOU want to capture something in particular?

Seamless footage transfer

A dedicated mobile app to make transferring photos and videos a seamless experience -- no cords or fumbling with TF cards needed. 

Manual footage transfer

Most dash cams require you to manually take TF cards in and out to transfer footage.

Built-in mic

Don't just see what's going on -- always hear what's happening as well

No audio

So you can't hear what's going on

140 degree wide angle vision

Capture what's in front -- and on the side. Get more with VAVA Dash Cam's 140-degree wide angle lens


Built for HD

Armed with Sony IMX lenses, the VAVA Dash Cam uses industry-leading optics to deliver 1080p HD resolution -- even in low light settings


Crystal-clear recording

  • 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • 1080p high-def resolution
  • Swivels 360-degrees
  • 6 glass lenses and 1 infrared lens
  • 60 fps, F/1.8 aperture
  • Built-in microphone

Smart-sensing technology

  • Built-in G-sensor to auto-detect and save footage of unexpected motion and collisions
  • Proprietary power bank to charge camera, even when your car is parked

Easy Capture, Easy Sharing

  • Remote control for easy snapshot captures 
  • Dedicated mobile app to wirelessly transfer footage from camera to phone
  • One-click sharing of photos to social media
  • 32GB TF card included (up to 3.6 hours of continuous recording)

Designed for


Q: Does the VAVA Dash constantly record or only when something happens?

The VAVA Dash is constantly recording (so you always have footage you can review) and will automatically call out images/videos when it detects something amiss.

Q: When will the VAVA Dash be available?

The VAVA Dash is now taking pre-orders and will ship in August 2017.

Q: How does the VAVA Dash work when my car is off?

When connected to a power bank, the camera automatically turns on and records whenever sudden motion / movement is detected (E.g., break-ins, fender benders, etc.)